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David Rowell

Medicare Specialist, Educator, Trainer

David’s passion to help others to retire safely started organically when he was first introduced to Jerry’s organization and their Non-Profit foundation by a trusted friend. “I was getting ready to retire from the regional telecommunication company I had worked for since my high school graduation. After working hard for 42 years and seeing my nest egg shrink by the day, it looked as if retirement was eluding me until I was shown how to maximize my retirement. The result for me was peace and a brighter future. One where I could sleep at night without fear of working till the day I die.”

As I “retired” from my former career, I began looking for a new career where I could help people. Jerry’s organization came to mind. You can bet that I jumped at the opportunity to work side by side with Jerry and his team. I am fully trained and I’m excited to help people that are in the same drowning predicament.

David was blessed to grow up in a small town in Southwest New Mexico. He married his high school sweetheart and has been happily married for 42 years. He has two beautiful daughters and four grandsons. “My family truly is the best part of who I am.”

In David’s downtime he enjoys camping, hunting and working in his workshop making furniture, plaques and toys.

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