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Debbie Gibbons

Administrative Assistant

Debbie Gibbons has 25 years of experience in financial services. Most recently, she worked as an administrative assistant in private wealth management. After retiring from that role in 2019, she has rejoined the workforce and the financial industry with JW Financial Consulting.

“I enjoy working and I am very detail oriented. I try to see the big picture when looking at a person’s finances and yet I also tend to the small details. As a back-office person, my job is to handle the details behind the scenes to help everything run smoothly,” Debbie says.

The financial services industry allows Debbie to feel a sense of accomplishment and meaning. “I enjoy helping people obtain the peace that comes with financial freedom,” she says.

Debbie is from Canon City, Colorado but lived in Southern California for 30 years before moving to Mesa, Arizona. She received her degree in biology with an emphasis in marine biology from Occidental College in Los Angeles. Married with four grown children and two granddaughters, in her free time Debbie enjoys pickleball, hiking, cruising and RVing.

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