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Andrea Whitmire

Medicare & Wealth Management

Andrea Whitmire has been working in the financial services industry for seven years, and she specializes in handling Medicare for those 65 and up. She holds her health and insurance licenses in Arizona, Texas, Florida and California as well as a securities license.

Her goal is to give JW Financial Consulting’s clients peace of mind. Andrea says, “I feel I can best contribute to people’s financial success through education. We also work with a nonprofit organization called The Foundation for Financial Education (F3E) dedicated to just that. I want people to feel they can rely on me for Medicare; or really all their financial needs from A through Z during retirement—including asset management. My mission is to ensure that they will be financially stable for their future.”

Andrea grew up in Houston, Texas and received her associate degree from Independence University. She is married to Jerry Whitmire, and the couple has two boys, ages 3 and 5. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, working out, playing pickle ball and cruising.

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