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The Retirement


We appreciate your interest, and we’re proud to be able to provide you with your playbook to a secure and successful retirement. Please click below to download your free copy of Jerry Whitmire’s “The Retirement Endgame.”

Safety of Principal

What good is an investment that might not be there when you need it most at retirement? If confidence and quality of life are more important to you and your family than the casino action of Wall Street, then “The Retirement Endgame” is for you!

Participation in the Stock Market

We believe in the American system of capitalism & entrepreneurship that has made our country great and afforded us all a wonderful lifestyle. So, we want you to participate in the growth of the economy over time in the stock market indexes — we just don’t want you to participate in the losses nor gamble with your future. Our strategies help give you growth & reduce risk!

The 4 Pillars of a Worry-Free Retirement Endgame

Liquidity and Flexibility

You need to be able to access your money in case of unforeseen needs or emergencies prior to retirement. Flexibility with your money is second only to preservation. You maintain maximum liquidity by NOT losing money!

Gains Without the Pains

You need your assets to have sustained growth — not growth followed by continual market declines every five to seven years, and you sure don’t want large losses on your savings right before you retire. “The Retirement Endgame” will help you avoid pitfalls and secure gains, giving you confidence and freedom.

Meet Your ‘Retirement Endgame’ Coach

Jerry Whitmire

Jerry Whitmire, author of “The Retirement Endgame,” has been in the safe money and income industry since 2005. He’s been in the business of creating and executing prudent, strategic game plans for much longer than that.

A two-sport standout and two-time All-American who graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in business management and a minor in communication, Jerry takes pride in making complex financial issues simple and easy to understand. His coaching focuses on education and safe money solutions, and he has experience in everything from retirement planning, insurance and tax-efficient strategies to income planning, market arbitration and estate preservation.

“What a person may have done in the past may not work for the future,” Jerry says. “We help alleviate the stress clients have and will do what is the right fit, not what is popular or trending.”

A native of Arizona, Jerry is no stranger to hard work and sacrifice, and his competitiveness has carried over from the field to his financial practice, where he works diligently to help eliminate risk from each client’s financial future while never losing sight of the ultimate goal: The Retirement Endgame. His commitment is steadfast whether a client has a dollar or a million dollars.

“We want to change the savings habits of America one individual at a time,” Jerry says.

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